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Postdoctoral fellow at RICAM

src Currently, I am a postdoc at the RICAM, where I'm working with Marie-Therese Wolfram on designing and analyzing models in the context of crowd motion and cell biology, including membranes of crawling lymphocytes. More generally, I am also interested in analysis of non linear PDEs, of drift-diffusion type in particular, just like the Keller and Segel model for chemotaxis. This also leads me to study some related functional inequalities.

PhD thesis

Asymptotic study of non linear diffusion type PDEs and related functional inequalities (TEL)

Supervisor: Jean Dolbeault. Written within Ceremade, and defended on June 23, 2014.


  • Modelling in cell biology
  • Asymptotic behaviour for non linear diffusion
  • Mean-field models - Keller-Segel-type systems
  • Sharp functional inequalities
  • Numerical analysis

Visits & conferences

  • August 2018, Cemracs: Parameter estimation in electroporation modelling – Luminy
  • Nov.-Dec. 2016, visitor at the Mittag-Leffler Institute – Stockholm
  • July 2013, visitor at DIM (Universitad de Chile) – Santiago


  • February 2020, SĂ©minaire IDP, OrlĂ©ans
  • January 2020, PDE-MANS 2020, Granada
  • June 2019, DISMA seminar, Torino
  • April 2019, Maths-Bio work group, Marseille
  • January 2019, CSM seminar, Bordeaux
  • December 2018, Mamba meeting, Paris
  • June 2018, MB2 Conference, Besançon
  • January 2018, DK/SFB Winterschool, Reichenau (Austria)
  • July 2017, Workshop “Aggregation-Diffusion PDEs”, Anacapri (Italy)
  • May 2017, DK Seminar, University of Vienna
  • March 2016, Numerical analysis seminar, LMB, Besançon
  • April 2015, Kinetic Equations and Spectral Theory workshop, LMB, Besançon
  • January 2015, Analysis seminar at Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon
  • Decembre 2014, Seminar at the University of Basque Country, Bilbao
  • September 2014, PDE seminar at LMB
  • June 2014, “Entropy, PDEs and functional inequalities” week, BIRS, Banff (video + slides)
  • January 2014, InĂ©galitĂ©s de Sobolev et Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev, PhD students meeting – Ceremade (slides, french)
  • May 2013, Solutions stationnaires pour deux modèles de mouvement de foule : multiplicitĂ© et stabilitĂ© dynamique, SMAI 2013 Convention – Seignosse (slides)


  • September 2012, Study of two crowd motion and herding models Applieds PDEs for Life Sciences – Barcelona (pdf|source)


Gaspard Jankowiak

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Postal address:
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