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A javascript tool to substitute indices in tensor expressions, built with MathJax and Chevrotain.

Multilingual mathematics dictionary

Over there.

u:access at the University of Vienna

People with an account at the university of Vienna can use u:access to download papers from certain subscription only scientific journals. This can be done by looking for a given paper via u:find, or by directly using the u:access proxy. This is easily done by modifying the URL of the page of the paper: replace . by - in the domain part, and append, still to the domain part. For example


Once connected, you are redirected to the same page, but this time your are “logged in”. If the university has a subscription for this journal, you can download the paper.

This is relatively easy but a bit tedious, so one can use this u:access bookmarklet. Just drag it to your bookmarks bar and click on it when you are on the paper’s page. The redirection should happen automatically. This should work better than the bookmarklet provided on the u:access homepage, which does not escape the URL used for the redirection.

Without u:access, one can still try the unpaywall database and its Firefox extension.

The web page

For those who are interested, this page is built with Jekyll. The code is online and is available via git.

Introduction to Jekyll

I gave small introduction to Jekyll at the University of Vienna, slides are available.

Make Terrence Tao’s blog more readable

Currently (early 2014), Terrence Tao’s blog use smallish fonts, and rasterized .pngs for math display. I also find it a bit cluttered and making more difficult to read than it should be. To remedy that, I’ve written a small bit of CSS to use with Stylish, along with some Javascript that will turn the LaTeX images into nice, selectable formulæ using MathJax. You will need GreaseMonkey or similar to use it.

Here what it looks like (right), compared to the original (left):

before after

devoluy skier